Industrial customers are important to not only the local community but also the region.  The Cedar Rapids Water Pollution Control Facilities (CRWPCF) works with the contributing industries to provide cost effective wastewater treatment.  The CRWPCF Pretreatment Program works directly with the industries by permitting and monitoring industrial discharges.  The goal of the Pretreatment Program is to:

  • Protect the CRWPCF and collection system;
  • Protect the Cedar River;
  • Prevent the pass through of pollutants;
  • Prevent non-compliance with the CRWPCF NPDES permit;
  • Protect the health and safety of CRWPCF and Sewer Maintenance employees.

The Pretreatment Program Coordinator issues industrial discharge permits, conducts annual facility inspections, regulates contributing industries according to applicable federal, state and local standards.

There is also an Annual Municipal Industrial Users Meeting, bringing together industries and utilities (Water Department, Stormwater Utility, Linn County Health Department, etc).  Contact CRWPCF at WPCMail@cedar-rapids.org if you have any questions.

Application for Industrial Waste Discharge Permit
Application for Industrial Pretreatment Discharge Permit Renewal
Application for Approval of Special/Unusual Discharge

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