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There are a multitude of drought indicators available online, but sifting through all of the data can be overwhelming. We have pulled together a couple key indicators to give you a sense of how the drought status in Cedar Rapids.

Rain Deficit
The rain deficit is the difference between how much rain Cedar Rapids usually gets and how much rain has actually fallen this year.  (last updated 11/03/2015; source)

2015 Departure from Normal Rainfall (as of Jan. 1)

2.94 inches

Cedar River Flow
The amount of water flowing through the river has a direct affect on the Cedar Rapids aquifer.  The flow of the river is measured in cubic feet per second (cu ft/s).

 Current River Flow

 Average River Flow

Historic Lowest River 

Flow (1901-2011)

3,000 cu ft/s

 2,650 cu ft/s

 224 cu ft/s in 1989

Last updated 11/3/2015

Last updated 11/3/2015






Learn more about about the relationship between the river and our water supply.

Drought Intensity Map

The intensity of a drought is captured by combining the following factors:

  • Amount of Rain (or lack thereof)

  • Temperature

  • Duration of the drought

Drought Map Image_102715

(Last updated:10/27/2015. source )

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