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Sustainability at Work: Get to work today.
There are simple steps each of us can take every day to raise the bar across our organization.

We’re focusing on leading by example and engaging our city employees in city vehicles and buildings in order to build our own awareness and abilities first. Yet while we do this, we want to share what we’re up to with you, and we want you to share with us.

Idling reduction: Reducing unnecessary idling in city vehicles.

  • Policy: Unless idling is required for safety or operations, do not idle for more than 1 minute, and do not warm up or cool down vehicles when cold or hot for more than 5 minutes.
  • Standard Operating Procedure

Zero waste: Making more responsible choices with resources we discard.

Janitorial supplies: Working to increase safe chemicals in our cleaners.

Solar: Adding solar has never been more affordable.

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