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What is sustainability?

To be sustainable is to meet the needs of today without preventing future generations from meeting their needs.

Pursuing sustainability in the City operation means addressing and improving environmental, social, and economic health concurrently — the triple bottom line of sustainability.

The iGreenCR Action Plan is the City of Cedar Rapids’ commitment to pursue sustainability and a higher quality of life in Cedar Rapids.

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Take Action!

From installing green energy in your home or business to taking advantage of water conservation rebates and careers in sustainability — we encourage you to bring iGreenCR sustainability principles with you wherever you go! Check out our list of available tools and resources to improve your own economic, social, and environmental wellbeing.

Solar Energy
Learn how this clean energy source is powering several City facilities and find resources for home and business owners to pursue clean energy.

Water Conservation Rebates
iGreenCR encourages water customers to implement cost-saving, water-efficient measures on their properties. Learn about rebate programs offered by the City.

Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) Cost-Share Program
Save up to $2,000 dollars or 50% of eligible project costs for the installation of stormwater BMPs on your residential or commercial property. Learn about which projects qualify and how to apply.

More Tools & Resources

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iGreenCR Action Plan | Elements

The iGreenCR Action Plan encompasses four areas of work — elements — each with aspirational goals, measurable objectives, and action steps. Each element addresses the triple bottom line of sustainability — environmental, social, and economic health.

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 The City leads in resource conservation and clean energy.

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The City protects and enhances nature to grow health, resilience, and partnerships.

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The City encourages development that maximizes vibrancy, inclusiveness, resource conservation, and fiscal responsibility.

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The City prioritizes equity and services that help all residents lead lives of purpose, health, and community.

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