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Tree Planting Lists

The Cedar Rapids Municipal Code requires that new street right-of-way and parking lot trees shall be shade trees (overstory or mid-canopy species) unless overhead utilities do not allow planting of these trees.

The use of trees native to Iowa and the Midwest is recommended wherever possible, particularly in larger yards and public greenspaces. Native trees are adapted to local growing conditions and ecosystems and often perform best over the long run. Most trees native to the Midwest (climate zone 4-5) should also perform well here in Iowa. The lists below also include many non-native tree species that have adapted well to this area and the stresses of urban environments. Exotic trees that exhibit invasive properties and are known to compete with native species are not included on the list. The best approach for selecting a tree to plant is to evaluate sunlight, soil volume and quality, water sources, and other physical conditions of the site. Planting success may vary with specific circumstances. None of the following lists are meant to be all inclusive. Requests to plant trees not included on this list will be handled by the City Arborist on a case by case basis.

Overstory trees
Mid-story/mid-canopy trees
Understory and ornamental trees
Evergreen screening trees
Columnar trees for narrow spaces
Trees suitable for flood plains and wet sites
Trees moderate or greater tolerance of aerosol and soil salts
Trees that tolerate partial shade
Trees that tolerate dry conditions
Trees resistant to deer damage
Prohibited trees

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