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General Supplemental Specifications to SUDAS Standard Specifications

Summary of 2020 Revisions

Download the complete General Supplemental Specifications to SUDAS Standard Specifications - 2020 Edition

 Figures for General Supplemental Specifications:
Division 3 - Trench and Trenchless Excavation  
 CR 3010.101 Trench Bedding and Backfill Zones PDF DWG
Division 4 - Sewers and Drains  
 CR 4010.990 Sewer Abandonment Plug PDF DWG
 CR 4040.231 Subdrains PDF DWG
Division 6 - Structures for Storm and Sanitary Sewer  
 CR 6010.990 Sanitary Manhole Over Existing Sewer Alternate Method PDF DWG
 CR 6010.991 Sanitary Sewer Connection to Existing Manhole PDF DWG
 CR 6010.992 Internal Drop Connection for Sanitary Sewer Manhole PDF DWG
 CR 6010.993 Internal Sanitary Service Drop PDF DWG
Division 7 - Streets and Related Work  
 CR 7030.101 Concrete Driveway, Type A PDF DWG
 CR 7030.102 Concrete Driveway, Type B PDF DWG
 CR 7030.104 Right-of-Way Grading PDF DWG
 CR 7030.201 Classes of Sidewalks PDF DWG
 CR 7030.204 General Features of an Accessible Sidewalk (3 pages) PDF DWG
 CR 7030.205 General Sidewalk and Curb Ramp Details PDF DWG
 CR 7030.206 Curb Ramps Outside of Intersection Radius PDF DWG
 CR 7030.207 Curb Ramp for Class B or C Sidewalk PDF DWG
 CR 7030.208 Alternative Curb Ramp for Class B or C Sidewalk PDF DWG
 CR 7030.209 Curb Ramps for Class A Sidewalk PDF DWG
 CR 7030.990 Accessible Sidewalk Curb Cut PDF DWG
Division 9 - Site Work and Landscaping  
 CR 9030.990 Planting in Medians and Islands PDF DWG
 CR 9030.991 Special Use Planting Detail PDF DWG
 CR 9040.990 Silt Fence Sediment Barrier at Area Intake PDF DWG
 CR 9060.101 Chain Link Fence (2 pages) PDF DWG
Division 11 - Miscellaneous  
 CR 11030.990 Mailbox Installation Requirements PDF DWG

New Section CR-4910 - Pipe Bursting

Section CR-5010 Pipe and Fittings replaces SUDAS Section 5010

 Figures for CR-5010 Pipe and Fittings:
 SUDAS WM 101 (5010.101) Thrust Blocks  PDF DWG
 CR 5010.102 Tracer System PDF DWG
 CR 5010.901  Minimum Clearance Between Water Service and Structure PDF DWG
 CR 5010.990  Restraining Methods PDF DWG
 CR 5010.991 Restraining Rod Requirements PDF DWG
 CR 5010.992 Water Stop Box in Pavement PDF DWG

Section CR-5020 Valves, Fire Hydrants, and Appurtenances replaces SUDAS Section 5020

 Figures for CR-5020 Valves, Fire Hydrants, and Appurtenances:
 CR 5020.991 Temporary Dead End Water Mains PDF DWG
 CR 5020.992 Concrete Blocking for Fixtures PDF DWG
 CR 5020.993 Hydrant Set Detail (6 sheets) PDF DWG
 CR 5020.994 Round Way Connection Main PDF DWG
 CR 5020.995 Valve Box Installation < 10 ft. Deep PDF DWG
 CR 5020.996 Air Release Detail (2 sheets) PDF DWG
 CR 5020.997 Blow Off Detail PDF DWG
 CR 5020.998  Typical Residential Service Line (3 sheets) PDF DWG

Section CR-5030 Testing and Disinfection replaces SUDAS Section 5030

New Section CR-5910 Cathodic Protection

 Figures for CR-5910 Cathodic Protection:
 CR 5910.101 Single Horizontal Anode Installation  PDF
 CR 5910.102 Single Vertical Anode Installation  PDF
 CR 5910.103 Continuity Bonding Across Ductile Iron Pipe Joint  PDF
 CR 5910.104 Continuity Bonding Across Vertical Gate Valve  PDF
 CR 5910.105 Continuity Bonding Across Butterfly Valve or Horizontal Gate Valve  PDF
 CR 5010.106 Insulated Rubber & Tape Butt Splice – Sacrificial Anode Cable Connections  PDF
 CR 5010.107 Insulated Rubber & Tape Wye Splice – Sacrificial Anode Cable Connections  PDF
 CR 5910.108 Exothermic Weld Procedure for Ferrous Pipe Material (Horizontal Only)  PDF
 CR 5910.109 Anode Test Station Installation (Red Cap)  PDF
 CR 5910.110 Anode Test Station – Terminal Board Connection Details  PDF
 CR 5910.111 Casing Test Station Installation (Blue Cap)  PDF
 CR 5910.112 Casting Test Station – Terminal Board Connection Details  PDF
 CR 5910.113 Potential Test Station Installation (Green Cap)  PDF
 CR 5910.114 Potential Test Station – Terminal Board Connection Details  PDF
 CR 5910.115 Foreign Crossing (over water main) Test Station Installation (White Cap)  PDF
 CR 5910.116 Foreign Crossing (under water main ) Test Station Installation (White Cap)  PDF
 CR 5910.117 Foreign Test Station – Terminal Board Connection Details  PDF
 CR 5910.118 Isolation Test Station (Orange Cap)  PDF
 CR 5910.119 Isolation Test Station – Terminal Board Connection Details  PDF
 CR 5910.120 Isolation Test Station installation at Tapping Sleeve (Orange Cap)  PDF
 CR 5910.121 Flush-Mounted Enclosure for Test Station Terminal Board & Wires  PDF
 CR 5910.122 Post Type Test Station for Terminal Board & Wires  PDF
 CR 5910.123 Electrical Continuity Test Procedure for Cable-Bonded Pipe Joints  PDF
 CR 5910.124 Flange Isolation Kit- Sizing Data for Manufacturer’s Fabrication  PDF
 CR 5910.125 PVC Pipe Insert for Pipe Diameter from 4” – 24”  PDF
 CR 5910.126 HDPE Pipe Insert for Pipe Diameter up to 30 “  PDF
 CR 5910.127 Isolation (Ball Type) Corporation Stop  PDF
 CR 5910.128 Isolation Service Fitting (Copper Flare) for ¾“ to 2” Pipe  PDF
 CR 5910.129 Electrical Isolation Devices for Metallic Casing Sleeves  PDF
 CR 5910.130 Electrical Isolation at Pipe Entry with Reinforced Concrete Wall  PDF

New Section CR-7910 Decorative Brick Pavers

 Figures for CR-7910 Decorative Brick Pavers:
 CR 7910.101 Decorative Brick Paver PDF DWG

Section CR-8010 Traffic Signals replaces SUDAS Section 8010

 Figures for CR-8010 Traffic Signals:
 CR 8010.102 Traffic Signal Pole Foundation  PDF DWG
 SUDAS 8010.104 Inductive Loop Vehicle Detectors PDF DWG
 CR 8010.105 Mast Arm Pole Details PDF DWG
 SUDAS 8010.107 Wood Post Span Assembly PDF DWG
 CR 8010.990 Controller Cabinet Footing PDF DWG
 CR 8010.991 Push Button Pedestal Pole and Placement Details PDF DWG
 CR 8010.992 Video Detector Mounting Detail PDF DWG
 CR 8010.993 Traffic Handhole PDF DWG

New Section CR-8940 Traffic Signs and Posts

New Section CR-8950 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) System

New Section CR-9935 Protection of Trees

 Figures for CR-9935 Protection of Trees:
 CR 9935.101 Tree Protection Fencing PDF DWG
 CR 9935.102 Utility Bore and Trench in Tree Root Zone PDF DWG
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