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Tree Placement Criteria
When determining the site for your tree we look at not just how the tree fits now, but if it will fit 40 years into the future. Some of the required parameters are:

  • 40 feet between trees
  • 20 feet from intersections
  • 10 feet from driveways and alleys
  • 4 feet minimum areas between the street and sidewalk
  • 10 feet from fire hydrants and residential water lines.

Adjustments for good reasons are allowed only after consultation with and by authority from the Forestry Program.

New Home Construction/Final Occupancy Permit Criteria
A tree needs to be planted before a final occupancy permit is issued according to Ordinance No. 32.05.030.A.4.b, passed April 16, 2003. The ordinance calls for a single stem, shade tree to be planted on city right-of-way. The required size for a large shade tree is 2" DBH (diameter at breast height or 4.5 feet above grade). If overhead utilities are present, a single stem, ornamental tree (mature heights of less than 30 feet) may be planted. The required size for an ornamental tree is 1 1/2" DBH.

Either the builder or the new homeowner must install the new tree prior to the receipt of a final Certificate of Occupancy. The tree must be healthy and vigorous at the time of inspection and be an approved street tree.

Effective January 2015, the City began accepting payment for the required trees. This allows builders or homeowners to pay the City to plant the required street tree. Payment is due at any time before the final occupancy is provided. The new trees will be installed in the spring of the following year.

Contact Code Enforcement at 319-286-5831 to request a Forestry inspection or with any questions regarding paying the City to plant the tree.

Tree Planting in Right-of-Way Permit
ROW Tree Pruning Permit for Contractors

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