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Street Maintenance

Who do I contact if there is tree down in the street?

Please contact the Forestry Division at (319) 286-5747 or email and give them the address or approximate location.

When can I put my leaves in the street?

Leaves are not allowed to be put into the street at any time. The City has a leaf vacuum program that helps our city protect our streams and the Cedar River.

  • Rake leaves into long piles on the parking area or grass next to the street.
  • The vacuum truck will not collect leaves from alleys.
  • Please do not park cars in front of the leaf piles; the truck will not be able to collect the leaves.
  • Keep leaf piles away from obstacles like your collection carts, mailboxes, cars and utility poles.
For more information, visit the Leaf Collection webpage.
Who do I call if my street light is out?

Street light bulbs within the City burn out once they meet their maximum life cycle. A majority of the street lights throughout the City are maintained by utility companies. If you see a street light outage, please notify the City so a notification may be sent to the appropriate utility company.  The bulb is usually replaced within a couple weeks, depending on the utility company's workloads. To report a street light outage, call Traffic Engineering at (319) 286-5176 or call Alliant Energy directly at (319) 398-4406.

How do I go about filling in my ditch?
Contact the Engineering Division at (319) 286-5802. 
My sidewalk has uneven panels, how do I go about getting these repaired?

Please contact the Public Works Department by calling (319) 286-5802, press option 3 or email Provide the address or streets these sidewalks are located. Inspectors will evaluate the area and notify the property owner if repairs are needed.

How do I go about getting my gravel alley dust free?

There are two different methods used for dust control. One is an application of Magnesium Chloride applied by a chemical spray truck. However this is a short term solution, as repeated rains will degrade the product over time. The preferred method is seal coating, at a cost of $5.00 per linear foot, the alley will be scarified, a base stabilization process added, laid back out, compacted, then followed up with a seal coat of emulsion road oil and oil coated rock chips. This procedure also comes with a one-year warranty; if the seal coat fails it will be replaced at no cost. To request a petition for alley seal coating, email

How do I report overgrown grass or weeds in my neighbor's yard?

You can report overgrown vegetation by calling the Solid Waste and Recycling Division at 319-286-5897 or emailing We will need the address or the property in violation. Our Division will send an official notice to the property owner and then our Nuisance Abatement Worker will do a follow up inspection within 7 days of sending the official notice.


Guidelines for vegetation growth and costs for clean up

There are "No Parking" signs in front of my house. What is going on?

Call Public Works at (319) 286-5802. We are performing general maintenance on your street such as crack sealing, mud–jacking, concrete replacement, etc. If a private contractor is doing work, we can let you know what is being done. 

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