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Permit and Inspection Guidance from Building Services

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Municipal Permit Viewer 

Building Code 319-286-5837
Electrical Code 319-286-5834
Mechanical Code 319-286-5833
Plumbing Code 319-286-5832

 Phone: 319-286-5831
The Building & Trades department provides acceptance of building permit applications, issuance of all building and trade permits, and inspection of construction activities for compliance with current codes. An electrical, plumbing or mechanical permit may only be issued to a person holding a valid State of Iowa contractor's license or a homeowner with homestead exemption. An electrical permit may be issued to a homeowner of their single-family dwelling provided that the homeowner has a homestead exemption and successfully completes a standard examination given by the Building Services Department.
Inspections are required for all applicable permits issued. The type and number of inspections required depends on the type of work that is being done. Inspections may be requested by the permit holder by calling 319-286-5831

Post the Building Permit “Notice” Card so it is visible from the road before starting construction. 

Each phase of construction shall be in compliance with Cedar Rapids Code and shall pass inspection before work proceeds. The Job Copy of the approved plans shall be on-site during the inspection. The person doing the work is responsible for calling for inspections and for providing access to and means for inspection. 

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