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There are currently two off-leash dog parks in the Cedar Rapids area.   These parks are:

1650 Cedar Bend Lane SW, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cheyenne is located off Old River Road. The park consists of 13.8 acres of fenced canine recreation yards. The main yard includes walking trails, benches and a shelter as well as mowed and naturalized areas. The training yard is separately fenced for dog training and for preparing dogs socially for the main yard. The small dog yard allows smaller dogs to enjoy off-leash exercise in a more controlled environment. Amenities include water for owners and dogs. Waste receptacles and dog bag dispensers are scattered throughout the park.

K9 Acres at Squaw Creek Park
5200 Golf Course Rd, Marion, IA

K9 Acres is located in Squaw Creek Park. It is an 11-acre fenced facility with three use areas. The largest is the Main Off-leash Yard which is approximately 8.1 acres in size, is fully grassed and includes a 0.3 mile walking trail, waste receptacles, trees and a small park storage building. Future amenities in this area include benches and small shelters. The second largest area is the Training Yard. It is 1.8 acres in size and is also fully grassed with trees. The purpose of the Training Yard is to provide an area to train dogs that are not yet fully socialized enough to use the Main Off-leash Area. It is also used for various training classes and events. The smallest area is the 1.1 acre Small Dog Yard. This grassy area with trees provides a space for smaller dogs to run without the danger of inadvertently being hurt by larger dogs in the Main Yard. The park entrance and the Main Yard have double-gated, split entry and exit areas. The two smaller yards currently have single gates with double-gated systems planned for the future. A graveled parking lot at the front entry to the park will accommodate up to 40 cars at a time with overflow parking available on both sides of the main driveway. A restroom, a non-potable water source for dogs and a dumpster (for park waste and garbage) are available at the entrance to the park. Waste receptacles and dog bag dispensers are scattered throughout the park.

Dog Park Rules

Human Rules
At all times...

  • Owners must carry their Dog Park Permit (in print or electronic) and have a current rabies tag on their dog's collar. 
  • Owners are legally responsible for the behavior of their dog(s) and must be in the actual physical presence of dogs at all times. 
  • Handlers must be at least 18 years of age as defined in Chapter 23.01 of the municipal code.
  • Owners must carry leashes.
  • Limit two dogs per adult handler or owner. 
  • Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. 
  • Owners are liable for any damage caused by their dogs while visiting the facility

Dog Rules
At all times...

  • Dogs must be leashed while entering (until cleared 2nd gate) and exiting the park.
  • Dogs should be off leash in the Training, Small Dog or Main Yards.
  • Dogs in Small Dog Yard should be less than 15 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Dogs in Main Yard must be under voice control (reliable recall) and in sight.
  • Dogs involved in an incident should be leashed and removed immediately.

At all times...

  • Aggressive dogs
  • Collars with prongs, chokes or studs
  • Dogs in heat
  • Glass containers and/or human food (except beverages)
  • Puppies (under 3 months)
  • Smoking
  • Wheels (except wheelchairs & strollers)

Animal Control, Parks Department staff, Cedar Rapids Police and K9 Cola have the right to ask anyone to leave the park. 

Dog Park Permits

Daily Permit

  • One (1) day use
  • $6.00 per day use
  • Great for dog owners wanting to try off-leash dog parks and for those visiting the area

Annual Permit

  • Unlimited use for calendar year
  • $32.00 per year fee
  • Up to $10 in discounts available
  • Ideal for those that visit at least a few times per year

3 Ways to Register TODAY (Rabies tag number is required for all registration):

  • Online: Registration/Renewal
  • Phone: 319-286-5566
  • In Person:
    • City Services Center, 500 15th Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
    • Ambroz Recreation Center, 1340 11th Street NW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

Report an Incident

  • If your dog is involved in an unpleasant experience (no injury) with another dog or person, please remove them from the park for the day.
  • If your dog attacks another dog or person (causing injury), it will be reported as a dangerous dog to Animal Control 319-286-5993 and will be subject to City policies regarding the issue. 
  • For enforcement of Park Rules & Policies please contact the Police at 319-286-5491
  • For park maintenance issues please contact Parks & Recreation at 319-286-5566
Incident Report Form

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